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Sacramento Smoke and Soot Services

8/7/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Sacramento Smoke and Soot Services Sacramento House Fires we've helped to make "Like it never even happened."

Smoke and soot is very invasive and can penetrate various cavities within your home, causing hidden damage and odor. Our smoke damage expertise and experience allows us to inspect and accurately assess the extent of the damage to develop a comprehensive plan of action.  

Smoke and soot facts:

Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure.

Smoke flows around plumbing systems, seeping through the holes used by pipes to go from floor to floor.

The type of smoke may greatly affect the restoration process.

Different Types of Smoke

There are two different types of smoke–wet and dry. As a result, there are different types of soot residue after a fire. Before restoration begins, SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda will test the soot to determine which type of smoke damage occurred. The cleaning procedures will then be based on the information identified during pretesting. Here is some additional information:

Wet Smoke – Plastic and Rubber

Low heat, smoldering, pungent odor, sticky, smeary. Smoke webs are more difficult to clean.

Dry Smoke – Paper and Wood

Fast burning, high temperatures, heat rises therefore smoke rises.

Protein Fire Residue – Produced by evaporation of material rather than from a fire

Virtually invisible, discolors paints and varnishes, extreme pungent odor.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions.  We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage.  We will also treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care.

Have Questions about Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage?

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Grilling Tips from Your Friends at SERVPRO of North Highlands of Rio Linda

7/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Grilling Tips from Your Friends at SERVPRO of North Highlands of Rio Linda Sacramento grilling safety tips to keep this summer safe and fun.

Stay safe Sacramento, grilling tips to prevent fire this summer.

Year round Sacramento locals are injured while using their grills, whether they are gas powered or charcoal powered. Following these helpful safety tips can help Sacramento stay safe and prevent fires this summer:

  1. Keep your grill away from your house, as far as you reasonably can. Never use a grill under any overhangs wood or otherwise
  2. Make sure the grill has sturdy ground to sit on- prevent it from falling over
  3. Keep your grill clean to prevent unwanted fire
  4. Always supervise the grill while you are using it
  5. Use long tools to keep yourself safe while using the grill
  6. Make sure anyone not using the grill stays away from the grill

From your friends at the SERVPRO of North Highlands and Rio Linda, we wish Sacramento a safe and fire free summer. If you face fire, water, mold, home, or commercial damage, call us at (916) 991-1522, or visit our website for more information.

Why You Need Professional Help With Your Sacramento Fire Damage

6/21/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Highlands and Rio Linda can restore your fire damaged Sacramento property when you need it

When a fire damage event occurs at your Sacramento home or business, it is important to get damage repaired as quickly as possible. Fires often leave homes and businesses in a state the space is unusable. Keeping downtime to a minimum is crucial so you may get back to normal, “Like it never even happened”.

After a fire has been eliminated, the largest secondary damage due to a fire becomes an immediate concern. Plenty of water damage can occur in the course of fighting a fire, resulting in damage to furniture, clothing, drywall, your ceiling, and floor. By utilizing state of the art techniques and equipment, SERVPRO quickly mitigates this secondary damage using wet-vacs, fans, dehumidifiers, and pumps.

Smoke is the next concern that needs professional attention after a fire. Smoke damage is quite substantive, and not just surface level. Smoke damage can become embedded in your walls, carpet, flooring, and furniture. Without professional assistance, this smoke damage will stay and linger for years after fire damage has occurred. Beyond this, soot also has a long lasting effect, and causes cosmetic damage by staining and discoloring your property.

It is tempting after a disaster such as fire damage to your Sacramento home to carry out the restoration process on without professional assistance, but the project will take longer, and be far less effective and returning your property to its original state. Hiring SERVPRO of North Highlands and Rio Linda will ensure that the project gets done right. Our professionals will help you to salvage your goods with our IICRC-trained technicians, and to solve the aforementioned issues caused by a fire with our specialized equipment and technicians.

When the unthinkable occurs, feel free to call SERVPRO of North Highlands and Rio Linda 24/7 at (916) 991-1522. We are a locally owned business with the national resources to solve your home or commercial needs.

Using Electronics Safely: Preventing Your Next Fire Disaster

6/21/2017 (Permalink)

Properly using your cords and electrical outlets can help to prevent fires in your home, keeping you and your family safe

From your friends at SERVPRO of North Highlands and Rio Linda, here are a few tips on staying safe with your electrical appliances in your home. When it comes to electricity, the degradation of cords and sockets can cause a “short” to occur between the wires, this sparking may cause a fire.

  1. Socket Guards - Install socket guards when not using a plug, they are cheap and simple and can protect children from injury
  2. Unplug, Not Pull - When unplugging an appliance, make sure to pull from the base of the plug and not the cord to prevent damage
  3. Replace Damaged Cords - If you spot a damaged cord or cable, be sure to replace it before the damage becomes worse.
  4. Running cords or cables under your carpet can cause them to degrade over time when people step on them, and if they do become damaged you cannot see it
  5. Know Your Power - Check the wattage rating on cords to avoid overloading them. Don’t overload any circuit, don’t daisy chain adapters so that you can plug more into one socket
  6. Leave The Ground - Never cut the third prong and remove the grounding ability from high-powered electronics
  7. When placing extension cables, don’t leave them hanging on metal surfaces, heated surfaces, or sharp surfaces
  8. When buying extension cords, ensure they are certified by organizations such as “UL Listed”

With these helpful tips, SERVPRO from North Highlands and Rio Linda hope you and your family will continue to be safe and disaster free. For all of your other cleaning and restoration needs visit our website or call us at (916) 991-1522.

Damage to Your Business this Firework Season?

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Damage to Your Business this Firework Season? Fireworks like these may be used around, or even on your property.

This celebration season, consider SERVPRO of North Highlands & Rio Linda for your soot, smoke, or fire damage needs

Smoke or Soot Damage?
SERVPRO of North Highlands and Rio Linda has specialized, certified, and trained professionals to help you with your needs. With our help, we can return your salvageable personal belongings, or commercial merchandise back to its original condition. Cleaning and Odor Control technicians can then remove or otherwise fix lingering smoke odors after soot cleaning has taken place.

Fire Damage?
Our service professionals are ready and able for fire damage of any size in Sacramento. Highly trained and certified Fire Restoration Technicians are available to help you anytime, 24/7. This means we are here to help you when the unimaginable may occur this Fourth of July.

Water Damage?
Firefighting efforts, while necessary, may likely cause water damage as well. SERVPRO of North Highlands & Rio Linda is prepared with our advanced drying techniques and equipment to start the restoration process as soon as possible. IICRC certifications mean we are ready and able to get your property dried swiftly and thoroughly.

If you’re faced with fire damage to your Sacramento home, business, or property; give us a call at (916) 991-1522 or visit our website for more information.

Sacramento Campfire Safety Tips for the 2017 Camping Season

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Sacramento Campfire Safety Tips for the 2017 Camping Season A safe fire pit will make for a safer trip, for your family and the forest.

Tips to stay safe this camping season, from SERVPRO of North Highlands & Rio Linda

Even though we aren’t in a drought, it still the dry season. It is always important to stay safe no matter the conditions when making a fire, for your safety and the safety of others. Here are some safety tips on how to pick a spot, prepare your fire, and extinguish it properly. 

How to Pick a Campfire Spot

  1. DO NOT build a campfire if the campground, area or event rules prohibit them.
  2. DO NOT build a campfire in hazardous, dry conditions.
  3. Find Out if the campground has an existing fire ring or fire pit.
  4. If there is not an existing fire pit, and pits are allowed, choose a site at least 15 feet from tent walls, shrubs, trees or other flammable objects. Beware of low-hanging branches.
  5. Choose an open, level location away from fuels such as logs, brush or decaying leaves.
  6. Take wind, and its direction, into account when choosing the site. Choose a spot that’s protected from gusts.

How to Prepare your Campfire Pit

  1. Clear a 10-foot-diameter area around the site. Remove any grass, twigs, leaves and firewood.
  2. Dig a pit in the dirt, about a foot deep.
  3. Circle the pit with rocks.

How to Build Your Campfire

  1. Make sure you have a source of water, a bucket and shovel nearby at all times.
  2. Gather three types of wood from the ground always. Never cut whole trees or branches, dead or alive. Live or fresh materials won’t burn, and you’ll be damaging the forest. Dead standing trees often are homes for birds and other wildlife.
    1. Tinder: Small twigs and dry leaves grass and needles.
    2. Kindling: Sticks smaller than 1″ around.
    3. Fuel: Larger pieces of wood. Keep these stacked upwind, away from the fire.
  3. Loosely pile a few handfuls of tinder in the center of the fire pit.
  4. Ignite the tinder with a match or lighter.
  5. Wait until the match is cold, and discard it into the fire.
  6. Add kindling and fuel, the larger firewood, as it grows and to keep it going.
  7. Keep the fire small and under control.

How to Extinguish your Campfire

  1. Allow the wood to burn completely to ash, if possible.
  2. Pour plenty of water on the fire. Drown ALL material, not just the visibly red material. Pour until hissing sounds stop.
  3. If you do not have water, stir dirt or sand into the embers with a shovel to bury the fire.
  4. With your shovel, scrape any remaining sticks and logs to remove any embers. Make sure that no embers are exposed and still smoldering.
  5. Continue adding water, dirt or sand and stirring with a shovel until all material is cool.
  6. Remember: If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave. Pack it in, Pack it out. It is your responsibility to pack out everything that you packed in, including any trash.

Between professional fire damage services, or fire safety tips. SERVPRO of North Highlands & Rio Linda is here to provide 24/7 fire damage services. Call us at (916) 991-1522, or visit our website for more information.

Fireworks Safety Tips in California, From Your Friends at SERVPRO of North Highlands & Rio Linda

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fireworks Safety Tips in California, From Your Friends at SERVPRO of North Highlands & Rio Linda Professional fireworks display, within safe and well regulated conditions

SERVPRO of North Highlands and Rio Linda Hope You Have Fun and Avoid Fires this Fourth of July!

15,600 fires are started every year by fireworks, according to the National Fire Protection Association. By taking the proper safety precautions, many of these fires could have been easily avoided. If you want to enjoy the celebrations without the risks of fire, go to a professional show. Professional shows are big, fun, and most importantly- safe.

If you still can’t resist having your own firework celebration, here is a list of the recommended safety precautions from the National Council on Firework Safety.

  • Obey all local laws regarding the use of fireworks
  • Know your fireworks; read the cautionary labels and performance descriptions before igniting
  • A responsible adult should supervise all firework activities, and never give fireworks to children
  • Alcohol and fireworks do not mix, save your drinks for after the show
  • Wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks
  • Light one firework at a time and then quickly move away
  • Use fireworks outdoors in a clear area; away from buildings and vehicles
  • Never relight a “dud” firework, wait 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water
  • Always have a bucket of water and charged water hose nearby
  • Never carry fireworks in your pocket or shoot them into metal or glass containers
  • Do not experiment with homemade fireworks
  • Dispose of spent fireworks by wetting them down and place in a metal trash can away from any building or combustible materials until the next day
  • FAA regulations prohibit the possession and transportation of fireworks in your checked baggage or carry-on luggage.
  • Report illegal explosives, like M-80s and quarter sticks, to the fire or police department

With Fourth of July coming up, SERVPRO of North Highlands and Rio Linda wish you a fun and safe Fourth of July!

For information on fire damage services to your home or business, call us at (916) 991-1522 or visit our website.