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What to Do When Your Device Falls in Water

7/7/2017 (Permalink)

If you act fast, it may not be too late.

It’s something that will eventually happen to all of us, but with proper care you might be able to reverse your mistake.

Water itself isn’t conductive, but any water that isn’t specifically deionized will have minerals in it that will make it conductive. When water gets into your device, it will create a pathway between two points where electricity shouldn’t flow, creating a short.

  1. Get your device out of the water as fast as possible. Don’t put yourself in danger to do so, but grab it as soon as the mistakes been made. The longer your phone is in water, it becomes increasingly more likely that water will seep into your phone. This includes water resistant phones as well, water resistance doesn’t not mean waterproof and they are prone to allowing water inside of them under pressure as well.
  2. Turn your device off. This is the best way to ensure that a short does not occur if water is inside of the device.
  3. Dry device phone off as best as you can externally, but don’t use blow dryers. Blow dryers can heat the device and damage components. If you have silica packets or rice around, leave your phone in a container with them to allow the water to be wicked away.
  4. Wait a few days, water can be difficult to leave a phone and the rice or silica will need time to work.
  5. Turn it on to test. You may be in luck! Most phones, even if they still work, will always show that they have been water damaged with indicators that change color when this occurs.

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