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What to do if Your Business or Property has Been Subjected to a Fire

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Helping make fire damage "Like it never even happened." SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda make businesses and properties in the greater Sacramento area look they never even had a fire.

Here are the first steps you should take with your business or other property after a fire disaster.

  • Assessment of Work Required

It may be tempting to enter the property yourself after a fire to see the damage that has occurred; but we strongly recommend against this. Fire damage creates a toxic and possibly harmful environment that should only be first assessed by professionals. Professionals will need to assess possible structural damage, as well as water damage from the efforts of firefighters. Further, smoke damage may cause damage throughout the property even though the fire only affected one area.

  • Apply Restoration and Repair Plan Best for You

Depending on damage, there are many steps from start to finish to get your business or property up and running again. SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda will arrive quickly prepared to handle all of your cleaning needs after a fire. Some services we provide are as follows, removal of unrepairable structure and items, professional restoration cleaning for carpet, furniture, and upholstered furniture, and pack out and safe storage for your items if build back is required.

  • Guaranteed Timely Results

When working with SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda, you are receiving a service that handles all aspects of the damage restoration. This makes us the most timely, effective, and professional option to get your business or property ready and back to its former glory.

If you have suffered from fire damage, and need help, we are here for you with 24 hour service. Call SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda at 916-991-1522. You can also see information on fire damage restoration on our website by clicking here.

Fire Season Has Been Increasing

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Forest Fire Forest Fire image taken by SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda employee.

If you live in California then at some point you have heard about a forest fire or maybe even been effected by one. According to the Cal Fire website, “The length of fire season is estimated to have increased by 75 days across the Sierras and seems to correspond with an increase in the extent of forest fires across the state.” With fire season lengthening in California, it is important to stay vigilant.

When in one of our local forest make sure you know about Red Flag Warnings. A Red Flag Warning is the highest alert. During these times extreme caution is urged by all residents, because a simple spark can cause a major wildfire. A Red Flag Warning is issued for weather events which may result in extreme fire behavior that will occur within 24 hours. You can check the National Weather Service website here for Red Flag Warnings.

If you are going to be in one of our local forest keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Never mow or trim dry grass on a Red Flag Warning Day. (Mow before 10 a.m. on a day when its not hot and windy).

  • Never use lawn mowers in dry vegetation.

  • Spark arresters are required in wild land areas on all portable gasoline powered equipment.

  • Residents should make sure they have 100 feet of defensible space around structures.

  • Clear dead weeds and vegetation around property.

  • Remove leaves and needles from property gutters.

  • Trim branches 6 feet from the ground.

  • Make sure cigarette butts are properly extinguished.

  • Never burn landscape debris like leaves or branches on NO Burn Days or when it's windy or areas where not allowed.

  • Target shoot only in approved areas, and never at metal targets.

  • Before starting a campfire, make sure you have a campfire permit and that they are permitted on the land you are visiting. Afterwards, ensure that your campfire is properly extinguished.

For more videos and information on Red Flag Warnings you can visit Cal Fire website here.

SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda wants everyone to be safe during Fire Season. If your property or business has been effected by a forest fire or any fire we are here for you. Call us 24/7 at 916-991-1522. You can learn about Fire Damage Repair and Restoration services that we offer here on our website.


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National Weather Service,

"Happy Memorial Day!"

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

Memorial Day "Happy Memorial Day!"

Memorial Day, is a day that's set aside to remember with gratitude and pride all those who served and died for our country and our freedom. 

From all of us at SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda we would like to wish you and your family a happy memorial day and pay our respects to those and the families of those who have and are serving our country. "To all we wish a happy, fun, and safe Memorial Day!"

Do You Need SERVPRO?

5/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO "Like it never even happened," campaign 2010 SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda make every disaster "Like it never even happened."

With 24 hours service, quick response time, and cutting-edge technology, water restoration for homes effected by natural disasters is more advanced and cost-effective than ever before. 

Professional water recovery services for your home can feel like an unnecessary expanse. However, the more you understand about these loss incidents and how SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda team resolves them, the more you can appreciate that professional restoration may be the ideal approach for you!

You may be asking yourself, "Why Can't I Resolve Water Losses Myself?"

Water losses create situations like standing water that can not only migrate throughout your residence but penetrate exposed materials and contents through absorption. DIY cleaning and restoration only impact surfaces losses, meaning that much of the absorbed water is trapped moisture in structural cavities that go unresolved. This unresolved water can cause a bigger problem for your residence. Within 48 hours, lingering moisture and saturated elements can show physical signs of damage, which ultimately require removal and replacement, and conditions could be ideal for the development of mold colonies.

What Makes SERVPRO a Wise Choice After a Disaster?

Several restoration companies can all claim to be the best choice for you in a crisis, but we have built a strong reputation in the area based on our reliability and fast response. When you are choosing our team of professionals, you are choosing:

  • Industry-leading equipment
  • Experienced technicians - Trained and CERTIFIED in water restoration and structural drying
  • 24/7 Emergency service
  • Knowledgeable team ready to help you throughout the entire process

Our team may even help you choose a capable contractor that could save you money. No matter how un-threatening water losses might initially appear, there is often more to the situation than you think. Let our experienced SERVPRO of North Highlands/ Rio Linda team help you to fully restore your home after these losses. You can contact us 24/7 whenever disaster strikes.

Do You Have an Emergency Ready Kit?

4/14/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Safety Tube Kits SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda safety tube kit with: Mask, Whistle, Light Stick, Water Pouch, and Emergency Blanket.

It is Always a Good Idea to have an EMERGENCY READY KIT available in your home. The greater Sacramento area is no stranger to rolling blackouts, and you don't want to be stuck in the dark. When creating and emergency ready kit you want to make sure you have enough items for at least 72hrs. Here are a few necessities to have ready:

  • Flashlights for each family member
  • Extra batteries
  • Battery operated radio
  • Candles (matches)
  • Non-perishable food
  • Hand can opener
  • Water bottles
  • Walky-talkies
  • Solar battery charger for phone
  • First aid kit

It is important that every family member knows where your are going to store these items for your emergency ready kit. It is also important to periodically check to make sure everything is fully stocked and not expired.

If you have a storm related emergency and your property has damage don't hesitate to give SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda a call. We can talk you through the issue and if it is one of the few services we do not provide we can point you in the right direction. We have emergency services available 24 hours. Call SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda at (916)991-1522.

We Love our Community!

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

Down Town Rio Linda Sacramento CA How long have you been in the Rio Linda area? Do any of these historic Rio Linda photos look like familiar areas to you?

SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda has been serving Sacramento County for years and takes pride in our Community!

We have a variety of cleaning and restoration services available in your time of need. Your home or business may be affected by:

  • Fire/Smoke
  • Flood/Water
  • Mold
  • Bio-Hazard/Pathogen
  • Natural Disaster

Maybe it is for something else and you don't know who to call. CALL US!

Even if in the rare chance our services aren't what you need, we may be able to direct you to who you do need. We have 24 hour Emergency services available and want to be there for you. 

Need help with Restoration in the greater Sacramento area? Call SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda 916-991-1522

Images Source: Rio Linda Chamber-Commerce

SERVPRO Remediates Mold in the Greater Sacramento Area

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

Mold SERVPRO Sacramento Greater Area Got Mold, at your home or business in the greater Sacramento Area? SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda is here to help! Call us at (916) 991-1522.

Moisture in buildings can allow for many types of mold. Molds are highly adaptable and can grow in many environments and conditions. 

Apartments, Rental Properties, and Hotels/Motels - Mold tends to want to live where we want to live given the moderate temperatures we keep ourselves in. As a result of this, landlords and hotel/motel owners are some of the most afflicted business owners when it comes to mold, especially when spaces are inhabited frequently and for short periods of time. Renters can contribute to mold growth without knowing, and with their short stay may not notice it while they are there. Regular checkups are essential in the fight against long term mold growth. 

Restaurants - Food service is the most common business for mold damage in Sacramento. With food preparation, there is an ample source of nutrients, plenty of water, and a humid working environment. Unnoticed scraps of food can fall, or find itself out of sight where mold can grow and spread. 

The most frequent living conditions for mold are moisture, darkness, plentiful food sources, and moderate temperatures. Different businesses and different types of mold will have varying environments for growth, meaning that your commercial property may be more or less susceptible to mold depending on the business. 

SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda technicians receive professional mold remediation training and use EPA approved products that follow CDC guidelines. If you need mold remediation in your home or business, Call us at (916) 991-1522, or view our mold services here.

If you're a business owner in need... We do commercial water damage and restoration!

2/10/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO water and mold damage Examples of water and mold damage we have encountered in our many years of service for the greater Sacramento area.

There are a multitude of ways that your business may receive water damage.

One of which could be, the water source inside the building. Whether it's water for a client such as food preparation, or services such as dentistry or cleaning, all water sources are at risk for leaks or breakage. Failures in these systems, high pressure or not, can and will lead to water damage in your commercial business. 

The best way to solve this issue is to allow training professionals to assess the damage and act accordingly.

Our technicians at SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda are IICRC certified to tackle water damage due to flooding, toilet overflows, sewer backups, pipe breakages, and more. Dirty water from sewage, drains, or floods especially needs expert care and removal to prevent the spread of pathogens that may exist in these conditions. 

Damage will often be visible, but can also be unnoticeable to the human eye.

When it comes to bacteria and pathogens, this is especially critical as unclean areas from these issues can and will spread. Some areas that moisture hides are, under and around items inside your business and inside of walls. One important part of the drying process for the quickest cleaning can be to pack-away items off-site. This provides security from damage during the cleaning and build back process of your business.  

SERVPRO is here to help!

If your business or home, in the greater Sacramento area has water damage. Call us at (916)991-1522. We are available 24/7 to help get your business back on track. For more information on commercial or other services, visit our website. 

When Wind and Rain Comes, We are Here for You!

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda Downed Tree SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda reports to a home in the greater Sacramento area with a downed tree and damage after a storm.

High Wind Conditions:

During a strong rain or thunderstorm, high wind conditions can affect the outside of your home or business. The high winds can cause fallen trees, roof damage, and/or broken windows and their frames and shutters. If not fixed the problem will only get worse over time and give rise to further damage from storm conditions.

Water Damage and Flooding:

Most common storm damage is flooding. Floods can occur from heavy rainfall in a few different ways. If you have a basement; water can rise above and overflow your sump pumps. In other cases, flooding may occur when the ground becomes over saturated around your property causing crawl spaces to flood or water to seep into your property through the foundation slab. In either case, a minor flood sends contaminated water through your property causing damage. 

If you are affected by storm damage, Contact SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda to help. You can visit our website or call us at (916)991-1522. SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda has 24 hour emergency services. 

SERVPRO is Here for You!

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Cleaning SERVPRO team cleaning high-touch surfaces

During These Unprecedented Times SERVPRO has Been There in Your Time of Need

SERVPRO has been specialist in cleaning services for over 50 years. We are always evolving weather it's a pandemic, natural disaster, or small household disaster that is thrown our way. 

New Standards of Clean

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets, and tables. 

SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda is prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the CDC. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis. 

Some commercial spaces mentioned by the CDC's guidance include: Bathrooms, Schools, and Classrooms, Playground Equipment, Water fountains, Retail spaces, Sales counters, Shelving offices, Carpets and Rugs, Stair Handrails, Elevators, and Fitness Equipment. 

Approved Cleaning Products

Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line are EPA-approved to abolish emerging pathogens. The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the pathogen you are cleaning. 

Call SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda

If your business or home needs cleaning services, call the experts today - SERVPRO of North Highlands / Rio Linda 916-991-1522