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Is Your Sacramento Home At-Risk for Water Heater Failure?

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Is Your Sacramento Home At-Risk for Water Heater Failure? Proper checkups and maintenance may save you from this often-overlooked water damage risk.

Water heaters are often overlooked as a sign of extreme failure. Many times, people forget about their water heater at all until they find themselves with cold water. Paying attention to these small signs may save you big before your next water disaster.

Strange Noises and Leaks:

  • Sediment buildup inside of the tank can give rise to these signs
  • Leaks from the header can cause flooding and water damage
  • Any bangs, gurgling, popping, or creaking may indicate something is wrong with your water heater
  • If you can hear water boiling, this is a strong indication that water is being overheated or that pressure is building inside of the tank as a result of a blockage
  • Address these issues immediately to prevent further damage.

Smell and Color:

  • Hot water with a rusty smell, or color can indicate malfunctions
  • Rusty anode rods in the water heater need to be replaced to maintain integrity of the basin
  • Odd smells could also be due to bacteria growth, if the water heater has been off for a period of time

Corroded Pipes:

  • Off color water is a tell-tale sign that something from the water heater to the exit point has corroded
  • Sediments appearing in the water is also a sign that the pipes have degraded over time
  • Have the water heater inspected by an industry professional before taking appropriate steps

Acting on these telltale signs can be a great preventative measure against possible water damage to your Sacramento home or business. For more information on our water damage services, visit our website or call us at (916) 991-1522.

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